Skinnydipper Hot Springs Feat. The Crappy Old String Band!


Skinnydipper Hot Springs Featuring The Crappy Old String Band - For more funny videos, click here

The hike and hot pools of famed Skinnydipper Hot Springs located in south-central Idaho. Featuring Bluegrass from 'The Crappy Old String Band' with Bart Rayne on Banjo and Vocals.

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CaliCampBug said...

Lol! Nice tunes, loved it! And, the springs look awesome too. :)

Hot Springs Guy said...

Thanks CampBug! Maybe down the road sometime we'll get to jam-out on banjos at some remote hot springs! Now that, would be pretty stellar. Peace easy. :)

GuyThaLizard said...

How's it going "Hot Springs Guy"

I was looking at you site today. I just added your RSS Widget to my Groups area. Hey would you happen to have the GPS coordinates to the Skinydipper Hot Springs? I was looking for them on your site and couldn't see them.

Have a great day!

Aka: GuyThaLizard

CaliCampBug said...

Lol, that would be great! I can't play well, but I can pretend!

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