Hot Springs Guy Idaho Green Living Video Clip


The above video clip is from KIVI Channel 6's 'Idaho Green Living' segment; where I took a news crew to a natural hot springs. Here a link to the full story...

A special thanks to Lincoln Graves, Cameraman Kevin and KIVI Channel 6 for the hard work and attention to detail. The other local news networks could learn a lot from you guys.

[where: Boise, ID]


Wonko the Sane said...

Nice HSG, well be headed through Idaho on our way to Colorado at the end of the month. Hope to enjoy some clean warm soakin while we're in your neck of the woods. Video turned out well.

Hot Springs Guy said...

Excellent, great to hear! I hope you find yourself in much hot water! I'll be out and about myself. Thanks for the kind words about the video, I am very happy about how it turned out as well.

Hope you don't mind, but I added you to my blogroll.

Happy Trails!

Knowledge is Power said...

Nice blog !!

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