Trail Creek Hot Springs

10.14.07 Trail Creek Trip Report

I can't believe it has been almost 1 year since I was last here. Both of Trail Creek's pools are in excellent condition; deeper, new siphon hoses, wood palette and adjustable temperatures.

I was actually shocked to arrive and find the pullout empty. That could be because the Warm Lake Highway is under construction and the number of pullouts has vastly multiplied.

A quiet soak was enjoyed until a bunch of hunters pulled-in. They left their rig running, climbed down the trail, after their attempt at hiding behind trees and spying failed, and made their way down the trail to the pools. After milling about for a spell, walking past trash that I later would dispose of, they finally left. They probably spent a few bucks in gas on their little adventure.

Shortly after the hunters left a couple from Minnesota arrived, followed by yet another couple from Boise and finally a guy who just hung out in his truck. The brief, uninterrupted soak was stellar, but too much traffic for my liking.
Rating A-

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The Boise Picayune said...

Went up last weekend. Busted ass getting down slick, snowy hill; but it was worth it! Satellites and Stars for a little while before a light snow. Lotta silt, so bring shovel for pools. Going again tonight. Remember to pack it out!

Hot Springs Guy said...

Stars and snow in one soak? Nice! That is a slickery slide down to the bottom indeed, glad you made it in/out safely and major props for packing it out!

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