Sunrise Soaking at Skinnydipper


Skinnydipper, AKA Mile Marker 4/Deer Creek Hot Springs, is one of just a handful of hot springs that are within 1-2 hours from Boise, Idaho. Drive time from Boise is approximately 1 hour.

Skinnydipper is Idaho's most recent hot springs discovery. In the 1990s, Hot Springs Harley found and cultivated the hot springs with Keeper Ken's help into what it is today. The .25 mile hike up from the Banks-Lowman Highway pullout is steep and treacherous at times. A loose-knit group of volunteers labeled "Keepers" maintain the trail, pools and plumbing. Weekend and summer partying can get out of hand, especially on the weekend. Fights, vandalism and vehicle break-ins have been known to occur during peak usage.

A chain of large and deep, rock and mortar pools are located high above the busy Banks-Lowman highway. Water is piped-in with the ability to quickly adjust the temperature with valves for each pool. Please note, the Keepers request that you leave the plumbing and values alone at the top pool.

10.21.07 Trip Report

Skinny was awesome... arriving early is the only way to go. However, being the first on any Sunday has one major downfall... trash from Saturday night. I've never seen so much trash at a hot springs before, even Skinnydipper - the most abused in the entire state. There were glow sticks, cigs, candles, beer, wine, liquor, clothing, towels and more. I about died coming back down with all of that crap, and the smell inside my truck on the way back to Boise was choice to say the least.

Aside from the trash, the soak was stellar. It's a shame that the small group of volunteers work so hard just so the masses can keep trashing Skinny. Hat's off to the Keepers, you know who you are. And, a big thumbs down to those of you who don't pick up others' trash.
Rating: A-

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Wonko the Sane said...

Thanks HSG,

Skinny-dipper is one of my all time favorites as it’s near the middle of the road trip when I go home from Washington to visit Colorado.
I've hauled exceptional amounts of trash from this site as well and it’s a shame, but the good news is that there are others out there who really enjoy this place.
So far my favorite visit was in 2003 on a weekday when I was traveling to Colorado with my wife. We stopped near sundown and hiked in. As we got comfortable in the big pool there was a lightning storm off to the south a sight to see.

We got another nice soak the next morning too.



Ariel said...

I've cleaned up many a time when at skinnydipper- I also yelled at a guy and made him pick up his mess. He had the grace to look ashamed.

Oh ya, and I uh kind of have my daughter as a result of that hot spring...

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