Skinnydipper Hot Springs Federal Closure Order - No Joke!


Here's the link to the federal nighttime closure order for Skinnydipper Hot Springs AKA Mile Marker 4. The nighttime closure order remains in effect until May 24, 2009, and cites public safety as the reason for the closure.

The 2004 order was enacted in response to a surge in disorderly activity; gang fights in the pullout, tires slashed, windows broken... etc. However, signs posting the sunrise to sunset closure are continuously defaced and/or removed; making it difficult for officers to write tickets. To my knowledge, all posted closure signs have been either removed or have been defaced, and the hot springs/pullout has been in full swing. So, I don't know. It's been awhile since I've been up at night, but I've seen the aftermath in the a.m. many, many times.

This particular hot springs is actually administered by the BLM, despite being located in the Boise National Forest.

Why? Because the land around Skinnydipper is considered to be in critical condition. Did you catch that? CRITICAL CONDITION. This means pick up your trash, don't deface federal signs, don't even bring glass, don't take switchbacks (stay on the main, most-used, marked trail), pick up trash (even trash that isn't yours!!) and maybe, just maybe Skinnydipper Hot Springs can be saved.

Give them one more reason and they'll take it away.

Peace, HSG

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