Basin Creek Campground Hot Springs near Stanley Idaho


General Description
Rocky user built pools that feature fluctuating temperatures with heavy silt bottoms.

Seasonal Notes
Pools submerge during high water.

Camping Notes
No camping at the hot springs since the campground is no more. However, plenty of official campgrounds along HWY 75 and even some primitive camping options.

Old Camping Notes
Hot Springs are located in Basin Creek Campground off HWY 75 along Basin Creek. There is a trail leading to the hot springs from campsite #4. There is also access via the dirt road on the other side of Basin Creek.

08.05.07 Trip Report

The main pool was too cool and the source pool too hot. Plenty of slit and not so great temps prevented me from soaking. I think a better pool could be built, but spring runoff will destroy it every season. Why? When there are so many other great soaks nearby. Too close to the highway anyways.
Rating: D

08.18.06 Trip Report

Basin Creek Campground is no more. Apparently, the flooding damage was too great. I wanted to check on the hot springs but the side road was closed due to bridge construction. The bridge crossing Basin Creek had washed out.

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