Realization of Geothermal Potential in Idaho

"There's hot water aplenty in them thar valleys, and like undiscovered gold nuggets of yesteryear it's about to be tapped by modern-day prospectors. Investors back these "prospectors" with big bucks hoping that renewable geothermal energy is the hot ticket for the future." More...

I wonder how long before public hot springs are just something in the history books. A decade or two?

Cold Cash for Ketchum Hot Springs

"Money from a federal grant should be flowing soon so that Ketchum can look at ways geothermal power from a local hot spring might be harnessed for public benefit." More...

Olympic Hot Springs in WA Pic

I need to re-visit this stellar soak... here's pics and video from my last visit

Deadwood Hot Springs Video Clip


Deadwood Hot Springs Video Clip

Clip from Arne

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Wildfire Intel

Wildfires are blocking access to many hot springs in Idaho, at last look, there was currently 18 fire complexes in Idaho. Each complex represents a group of fires. Make sure you check out the Interagency Fire Center before leaving, and have a backup or four. Keep it safe.

Fires and the Frank

Well, I'm back. Fresh from a week of backpacking to remote hot springs in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. I think I'm still feeling a little culture shock.

It was a different kind of drive back home from the trailhead. The sky was stained dark orange from all of the wildfire smoke. Fire planes and helicopters filled the air with unnatural noise. I passed what seemed like acres of land, dotted by hundreds of multicolored firefighter tents.

The most stunning was when driving by Bonneville Hot Springs. It was on fire, as well as the area around it. Human started, of course. Evacuated campers with concerned faces lined part of the road near the campground entrance while first responders battled the blaze. Chunks of burning earth tumbled to the ground as fire personnel waved me through. I caught glimpse of a small row of firefighters that were collapsed back to back on the side of the road, with faces flushed red from exhaust and blackened by soot.

Idaho and Greater Yellowstone Area Wolves Need Our Help

The Bush Administration has just issued a disastrous "License to Kill" plan that could trigger the extermination of half the gray wolves in Wyoming and Idaho, starting as early as October -- unless we stop it now.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is accepting public comments on this cruel proposal only until August 6. Please register your opposition right now by clicking here to submit an Official Citizen Comment.

Our best hope for blocking this "open fire" order is to generate a tidal wave of public outrage and please sign your Citizen Comment immediately.

The Bush Administration wants to treat wolves like vermin, instead of an endangered species that has staged a welcome and dramatic comeback from the brink of extinction.

In preparation for these mass killings, the government has already purchased planes and helicopters capable of gunning down entire packs of wolves in minutes.

Simply put, they will allow the slaughter to begin while wolves are still on the Endangered Species list!

The administration wants to be able to kill wolves anywhere that elk herd numbers may be affected by wolves. It is focusing on areas where elk herds are smaller than the states want.

But those few cases of declines in elk herds have been caused by a combination of factors including habitat destruction, drought and human hunting -- not just by wolves. And in most areas of the northern Rockies, elk numbers are at all-time highs!

Please block this new License to Kill by expressing your personal opposition while the Bush Administration is still taking public input.

Submit your Official Citizen Comment now -- and shield the wolves of Greater Yellowstone and Idaho from the coming crossfire.

Iceland Hot Springs


Snorralaug (Snorri's Pool)
Originally uploaded by arnitr
Snorralaug (Snorri's Pool)

Keep It Level

Net Neutrality is essential to free speech, equal opportunity and economic innovation in America. Since the FCC removed this basic protection in 2005, the top executives of phone and cable companies have stated their intention to become the Internet’s gatekeepers and to discriminate against Web sites that don’t pay their added tolls.

This fundamental change would end the open Internet as we know it. It would damage my ability to connect with others, share information and participate in our 21st century democracy and economy. The FCC must ensure that broadband providers do not block, interfere with or discriminate against any lawful Internet traffic based on its ownership, source or destination.

Visit to tell your story!

Now That's a Pine Burl

Pine Burl Hot Springs in Idaho is a two mile hike from the trailhead near Boiling Springs and features a single rock walled pool with mortar reinforcement. The sole pool has a sandy bottom with a slight amount of slit in the corners. There's no avoiding it, just before Pine Burl you will pass Moondipper and Lil Dipper hot springs.

Seasonal Notes
The Forest Service Road that provides access is snow covered all winter until approximately May. During the summer this is ORV country, expect legions kicking up dirt and dust all over the road. Possible snowmobile access during winter months.

Camping Notes
There is a flat, sizeable campsite just a bit further past the springs as well as another further up the main trail before you depart up the creek to Moondipper. There are also many primitive and official camping opportunities accessible from the forest road.

06.16.07 Trip Report

I camped near more people than ever before on this trip verses all previous backpacking trips made in Idaho. After about an hour I found the last primitive near the hot springs, which turned out to be pretty lame. Blasts of searing hot 118 degree water mixed with blasts of staggering 96 degree water plagued the pool and made way for a fairly strenuous soak. Meaning tired arms from non-stop stirring. It was obvious someone had been tinkering.

Aside from all the people, lack-luster hot springs and insane forest road traffic - it's always nice to be out here; my primitive site was perched near a mountain top coupled with a scenic view of the river valley below.
Rating: D

Water Filter Tips

Heading out on a backpacking trip this summer? Make sure you make good use of that pricey water filter. Here's 3 great tips to help keep your water filter clean!
  1. Pretty much a given, but important none the less. Follow the manufacturer's maintenance instructions. This usually entails removing the filter membrane and scraping/brushing/flushing. Some makers simply recommend replacing the membrane when it turns gray. After removing this element, most units must be sanitized with a diluted bleach solution or by boiling.
  2. Seek out pools rather than moving water. This one surprised me, but makes total sense. Currents knock loose and stir up sediment from the river bottom. Also, always keep the bottom of the hose off the bottom of the water source.
  3. Let the water chill. Bring either a water sack or collapse bucket, scoop up some water and let it sit at least 2 hours. Preferably overnight. This allows any sediment to settle on the bottom of the bucket or sack.
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1987 Days of Our Lives Hot Springs Video Clip


My Mom watched Days religiously back in the 80s, I got a kick out of this video clip. I even remembered that the patch guy was named Steve!
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