Idaho Grizzly Bear Killers Sentenced & Fined: Justice for Bear 346 and Cub

Two grizzly bears in a meadow in the Yellowsto...Image via WikipediaAfter initially challenging the charges against them, the killers later plead guilty to their crimes. The judge in the case ruled that the bear cub was not killed in self-defense as the defendants claimed. Both men will serve prison time and pay fines and restitution. The nearly $20,000 in restitution will go to the Yellowstone Association to fund grizzly bear management in the region. Hopefully, this will send a clear message that killing grizzly bears will not be tolerated. (Source: Defenders of Wildlife)

Full details about the hunters and bear 346 and her cub...

Personally, I think they got off easy. The fines are chump change to these guys who have elitist ties among the likes of Jim Kelly of the Buffalo Bills.

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