Trail Creek Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited!


Trail Creek Hot Springs

The roads were in pretty good condition save for the last few snow covered miles before the hot springs pullout. We arrived to find a Nissan Pathfinder and an older Alaskan Malamute in the pullout. Hmmm. Friend or foe? When we advanced toward the trail he started growling at us. I didn't figure out what was going on until moving closer to the trail... he was protecting his master and his master's lady friend. Both of which were in a snow cave shelter. Great idea to camp right next to the trail at a popular roadside hot springs when you have a protective dog... I mean, really! They could have at least called him in. I don't know if they heard him growling or not (he was near the cave when doing so), but I know for sure they heard the truck pull up and doors shut. I was glad I didn't have my dog with me; it would have been fun trying to hike to the hot springs with her while we may or may have not gotten hassled by the other dog...

The soaking was killer! And, the icing on the cake was the lack of trash. Both pools were in great shape, and a smart soaker(s) had put up a rope guide to ease the slippery decent to the hot springs from the pullout. Before we left I checked out the cave shelter - despite being too close to the trail it was well-designed, textbook all the way. They picked up all of their trash except for a burnt-down tea candle.
Rating A+

Here's the video clip:

Trail Creek Hot Springs in Idaho - More bloopers are a click away


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