Grizzly 346: Her Story Begins in Yellowstone (and Ends in Idaho)

SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 18:  A grizzly bear, an en...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeThis true story illustrates the plight of Yellowstone Grizzly Bear recovery in Idaho
Source: Rocky Barker/

My Initial Thoughts:

The bowhunter in the article; Dan Walters disgusts me to no end. The mere mention of how he put 1 arrow in and left her to bleed to death overnight, then brag about his valor-filled story to a lodge full of other drunken bowhunters (which include the likes of Jim Kelly, that's right the Buffalo Bills Quarterback) is revolting... for starters.

The local boys; self-proclaimed Grizzly haters Tim Brown, the St. Antony contractor and Brad Hoopes of the same city are a prime example of hostile, uneducated -local lawbreakers. I hope sentencing goes well and these guys get the max - that would be a worthy service to society and the environment.

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