Wildlife Slaughter Tournament in Twin Falls Saturday


The Idaho Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW), Governor Butch Otter’s mostly out-of-state ultra-rich cattle rancher buddies, are back at it again with a Wildlife Killing Derby in Twin Falls, Idaho this Saturday.

Sadly, this disturbing event is sponsored not only by Idaho’s Governor and Fish and Game Chair Wayne Wright,  but by Cabela’s and Sportsmen’s Warehouse despite outcry from many reputable hunters and hunter organizations.

I always catch major flak when I post about the Idaho SFW and protecting wildlife in general in the form of nasty emails, comments and un-subscriptions. Even threats. With that said, I hope this post doesn’t offend any of you, my aim is to enlighten those that would like to see wilderness and wildlife around for generations to come.

Think for just a second before believing the hype. That is all I ask.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Idaho SFW (most are not even from/live in Idaho) is a group of well-funded cattle rancher anti-wolf lobbyists that portray themselves as the average joe hunter in Idaho. Their agenda is to miss-lead Idaho hunters into falling in-line for their cause.

REAL hunters, educated hunters – that respect the animals and habitat for which they hunt sustainably revolt against the Idaho SFW, as we all should. Their Wildlife Killing Derbies are a front for their wolf killing agenda. The addition of coyotes and other animals are merely a bonus for the kill and waste types.

I know this is a hot springs blog, but wild animals are part of the last bits and pieces of semi-untouched wilderness, just like most natural hot springs. They represent the last of the wild places. An attempt need be made to preserve all components of these vanishing ecosystems.


From Wild Earth Guardian Wendy Keefover-Ring:

Wildlife will be running scared tomorrow in Twin Falls, Idaho.

The Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife are hosting a wildlife-killing derby.  Participants are awarded points for each wolf, coyote, bobcat, or fox they kill.  Prizes are given to the shooters who have the most points.

Tell Idaho's governor and Fish and Game Commissioner as well as the event's co-sponsors, Cabela's and Sportsman's Warehouse, that this is unethical and should be stopped.

The wildlife killing derby encourages the use of live animals as targets. This practice directly contradicts the tenants of ethical hunting which include respecting all wildlife and taking responsibility to care for wildlife and their habitat.

Furthermore, carnivores such as wolves, coyotes, bobcats and fox have been known for decades to be crucial players in the health of the ecosystems that they inhabit.  Without carnivores, animals like deer over-populate and strip their landscapes of vegetation.  These barren habitats eventually lead to the demise of species in every link of the food chain.

Jim Posewitz, author of Beyond Fair Chase and founder of the Orion:  The Hunter's Institute, promotes ethical hunting.  Tenets of ethical hunting include: an appreciation for the opportunity to hunt; respecting all wildlife, especially the animals we hunt; and taking responsibility for the care of wildlife and their habitat.

The January 9th Twin Falls animal derby is in direct contradiction to the tenants of ethical hunting. High-body-count-contest hunts tarnish the image of all sportsmen. This derby encourages the use of live animals as targets, encourages mass killing for no purpose other than to collect prizes. The bodies will not be used for food. Waste is encouraged.

The belief that killing carnivores will benefit deer was dismissed as early as 1941 by hunter and conservationist Aldo Leopold in his essay, "Thinking Like a Mountain." In those days, wolves were seen as evil and ravenous and thus were exterminated throughout the continental U.S. But the consequences were dire. Leopold noticed that with the demise of the wolf came the over-abundance of deer and harm to the mountain. Deer stripped the mountain of vegetation. The mountain, now barren, could not support deer and other species. The deer died in droves. 

I urge you not to sponsor this event and to shut down this killing contest. It tarnishes the reputation of sportsmen, Idaho, and your business.



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