Calendar Power-Up


This year, I crafted out a calendar of my favorite northwest hot springs photos. Then, promptly forgot about it until today. I received an email from the calendar publisher telling me that it’s among a select few that are going to be featured on for the holiday. Score!

Click the button below to view/buy the calendar on Lulu:

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

View or Buy on!

Feel free to purchase in large quantities. ;).


Lydia said...

Josh, this is absolutely exciting! Must be so thrilling for you. I just looked at the preview and sighed. Will definitely want this as our calendar in our bathroom in 2010. We have a tradition of ordering the bath calendar from Oregon Natural Desert Association, but this year I'll send them a donation and get your calendar instead!
I'm not familiar with Lulu. Will you be sure to send me a reminder when I can get the calendar from Amazon?

Again, congratulations!

HSG said...

Hi Lydia,

Awesome! Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughtful comments. I managed to track it down on mighty - here it is!


Lydia said...

I just ordered it, and I think I got the only/last one! Thanks for letting me know it was at Amazon, Josh. We'll enjoy it so much all 2010.

HSG said...

Alright! Many thanks, Lydia!

Dana said...

Wow this is so awesome! Way to go HSG. Definitely signing up for at least one. :)

HSG said...

Thanks, Dana!

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