Last Stand for Rocky Canyon


Any day now a Boise National Forest crew will be removing the hot springs pools at Rocky Canyon Hot Springs. This is wrong. Here's why:
  • The improved pools are environmentally safe. I guarantee that within a week of removal, new rock pools lined with blue tarps will reappear. Blue tarps look ugly, draw attention to the hot springs and are not environmentally friendly.
  • The Boise National Forest has said that they will consider re-building the mortar reinforced pools once the current mortar reinforced pools are demolished. This seems ridiculous, considering the large taxpayer expense and environmental detriment involved.
  • The tribe complaining about the pools (one of the main reasons they are being removed) is just as responsible as the rest of us for dealing with misuse/abuse situations. The removal of the pools will do nothing to address this, as new pools will be constructed and misuse/abuse will continue.

Take Action to Save the Pools

The builder of the improved pools did an excellent job. His work resulted in clean pools with ample flow that were less visible from the road than the previous tarp-lined pools. He was 'punished' harshly for his actions, even though Boise National Forest employees watched him build the pools and enjoy soaking in the pools themselves.

Call in Numbers

  • John Erickson ranger station 208-365-7000
  • His boss-- Cecilia Seesholtz 208-373-4102 Boise Nat'l Forest Supervisor
  • Her boss--Harv Forsgren 801-625-5605(out of office this week) ask for Deputy Jerry Perez regional Nat'l Forest Service office located in Ogden Utah
  • Tom Tidwel- Chief Of the National Forest service in Washington D.C.202-205-8439
  • Senator James Risch office 342-7985 ask for Mike Roach
  • Congressman Walt Minnick 202-225-3029 speak w/Devon


Wilderness Fox said...

With tears running down my cheeks, I am so sorry to post the news-Rocky Canyon is no more. The FS destroyed the beatiful pools with sledge hammers this morning. What now? Who is next on the list? And finally, can someone explain to me how plastic tarps are more natural than rock and mortar?

Loyd said...

Many thanks to the 385 people who signed the SaveRockyCanyon petition. Since the pools have been destroyed I choose to close the petition today.

Loyd Endings

HSG said...

Wilderness Fox: Agreed, such a sad end to a special place.

Loyd: Thanks for starting the petition and fighting the good fight.

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