The Idaho SFW FTL!


wolves I’m getting a little tried of this anti-wolf business. The Idaho Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (see how they are trying to sound all official with their name resembling Idaho Fish and Wildlife) is having an animal killing derby featuring, you guessed it, wolves.

This deceptive group of ultra-rich cattle ranchers is primarily based/funded out of state, and is the very same group that Idaho Governor Butch Otter supports… remember his epic FAIL anti-wolf speech? Say, isn’t that Butch Otter a cattleman?

The Idaho SFW wants your money because (they say) they represent hunters, and that to be pro-wolf is the same as anti-hunting. The problem is, educated hunters know that wolves keep their game healthy and mobile (less wasting disease and environmental impact).

Why Idaho SFW is FTL (for the lose):

  • There’s this thing called … an ECOSYSTEM. Wolves need to be a part of it. Idaho SFW support anti-science, anti-environment, anti-wildlife and ultimately anti-hunting agendas.
  • The Idaho SFW is composed of a bunch of ultra-rich cattle ranchers that provide disinformation in order to rally support for their hidden, true cause. Most of these guys don’t even live in Idaho.
  • The Idaho SFW, instead of being straightforward about wanting to protect their cattle the cheapest way possible, mislead hunters into thinking that wolves are killing all of the deer and elk, when in fact, their return has increased deer and elk populations.

While we can continue to voice our opposition against the wolf hunt and support agencies like Defenders of Wildlife (which also compensate ranchers for cattle loss from wolves, which is much less than the number of cattle lost to disease every year), we can completely put an end to this Idaho SFW madness by not supporting them. Period.


Alpha Motherwolf said...

Hello "hotspringsguy",
I enjoyed your article on the wolves. Actually that is how I found you. I heard about the "animal derby" and thought it was a horrible act...
I do all I can to help save all wildlife, especially the wolf.
Keep up the good work and thank you for posting this.
Alpha Mother Wolf

HSG said...

Hi Alpha Mother Wolf,

Thank you for your kind words and for fighting the good fight. I've received some fairly rough criticism regarding protecting wolves, and your comment means a lot.


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