Snively Sneak-a-Soak

Snively Underwater
Underwater view of Snively Hot Springs in Oregon

Occasionally, during the off-season, I like to sneak-a-soak at Snively Hot Springs in Southeast Oregon. Snively is a prime candidate for the sneak-a-soak, with it being only about an hour or so drive from Boise.

Water Level

It's always a good trip when there's hardly any trash to pick up. This place has sure undergone positive change over the years. This visit, the best soak was the only soak - a giant soaker which was a trick to find a suitable soaking temperature in. Hot and cold swirled all around, oftentimes the blasts of hot and cold were too much. All in all, a moderate soak. I'm looking forward to next years pool design, as spring runoff will surely destroy the current setup.

Thermal Creek
Thermal Creek

Hot, Meet Cold
Where Hot Meets Cold

Mud Walled
Mud Walled

View from Snively
View from the Pool

Snively Hot Springs on

Snively Hot Springs on


Lydia said...

Snively, huh? I have not heard of this hot springs and wonder if it's better known by the Idaho crowd than Oregon!

Dancinbackwards said...

I'm sure you'd be interested to know that in the next 24-48 hours the Rocky Canyon hot spring is going to be torn down by the US Forest Service.

What has your experience been seeing this happened to other hot springs? Do you have any idea if there is anything we can do to stop it?

theHSG said...


Thanks for the heads up! I actually just posted about this last night. Unfortunately, the FS can legally remove the improvements made because they were placed without a permit. All that can be done is to ring the alarm. If enough people call-in there is a chance the FS might work something out. If you can get some airtime for this issue - please do! There is a chance KIVI (are you reading this Lincoln?) might run a story as well.

Also, consider signing the Roadless Idaho petition - many of Idaho's hot springs are located in Roadless Areas and are at risk of invasive development. Idaho is the only state in the US not protected by the Roadless Rule.

Rocky Canyon Hot Springs Call-In Numbers



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theHSG said...

Hi Lydia,

Yes indeed, Snively. Most definitely more known by the Idaho crowd. This little gem looks different every year thanks to spring runoff. Snively used to be a pretty popular hot springs. Sadly, some bad stuff went down here a few years ago. The BLM enacted nighttime closure and daily patrols by the local sheriff. The good news is that the entire area has been dramatically cleaned-up, including the hot springs itself.


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