Boise National Forest to Demolish Rocky Canyon Hot Springs in Idaho

Well, I wondered what was going to become of the Rocky Canyon situation... I just received the following via email:


USFS to demolish Rocky Canyon Hot Springs...soon!!

Located just north of Crouch, Rocky Canyon Hotsprings is enjoyed by thousands annually. This relaxing destination has been slated for demolition (according to John Ericson with the USFS in Emmett @ 208.365.7000) to happen within the next 24-48 hours.In a conversation with Cecilia Seescholz (208.373.4102) at the USFS in Boise, I was told that the reasoning that they were to be destroyed was because of building permit violations and tribal concerns.

It is an outrage for this to happen. Please, Please voice your opinion and help save a beautiful piece of Idaho that is enjoyed by thousands annually. Others to contact include...

John Erickson ranger station 208-365-7000
His boss-- Cecilia Seesholtz 208-373-4102 Boise Nat'l Forest Supervisor
Her boss--Harv Forsgren 801-625-5605(out of office this week) ask for Deputy Jerry Perez regional Nat'l Forest Service office located in Ogden Utah
Tom Tidwel- Chief Of the National Forest service in Washington D.C.202-205-8439
Senator James Risch office 342-7985 ask for Mike Roach
Congressman Walt Minnick 202-225-3029 speak w/Devon
Channel 7 Managing editor Lisa 208-321-5614
Idaho Statesman - 208.377.6200
Boise Weekly - 208.344.2055





Arne said...

I notice, under the reasons they want to demolish the tubs, "tribal concerns" are listed. I assume there is tribal land there or nearby or they claim these springs. Most Indian tribes consider hot springs sacred, perhaps not to be bathed in at all or only with certain protocols followed depending on their traditions. I have no knowledge of local customs, but total nudity is taboo to many tribes. A man deliberately exposing himself to another is the worst insult (Read "Crazy Horse" by Mari Sandoz). Native Americans want to close Saline Valley hot springs in California and demolish all the tubs there for similar reasons, but the Park Service now has them so we'll see what happens.

theHSG said...

Here's a story KTVB ran yesterday about Rocky Canyon

Hmm. I understand the issue at hand. However, if the FS is considering developing it after removal...? I also understand the tribal issue. However, Native Americans are just as responsible for the misuse and abuse of the hot springs and National Forest as the rest of us.

Lincoln said...


Hey it's Lincoln from KIVI. I somehow lost your email address, but I just left you a message on your phone.

Get in touch with me when you can.


Sarah E. said...

Wow.. I was almost brought to tears as I heard this story yesterday.. Yes I had heard the rumors of destroying them but really didnt think it would happen. My parents and I would LOVE to really be involved in helping keep these hotsprings. Is there anything else we can do besides call the people you have listed? Please let us know!

Arne said...

Hmmm... sex and drugs.

The last time I was through there was on the way back from Dash Creek, but didn't stop at Rocky Canyon due to seemingly high water. This was years before the recent construction.

All people are equally capable of use or abuse. This is a problem with most hot springs next to roads. My favorite one requires a long bush crash, no trail, and has been improved by some over the years but is unknown enough that it is probably ignored by the landowner and unlisted anywhere, thank God.

Skinnydipper is probably a good example. Someone died there one night by accident so they closed it at night. It is still there and nothing has been demolished. I hope the USFS can see this and use it as an example. I don't think anyone got sued over the Skinnydipper incident. In these parts people seem to take responsibility for their own actions.

I hope the pools at Rocky Canyon H.S. are not destroyed as I'd like to soak there one day when it isn't too crowded. Actually I think it is good to have them there for another reason. It is relatively easy to get to and probably results in less use of Dash Creek, which requires a bit of a walk.

Matt said...

Please!...No! I have just recently discovered the springs and have had the most amazing experiences there. I love them. Why was it not
demolished when it was discovered and is only now, a few years later, being done in? There must be something we can do. The FS better not milk this site later for their own benefit

buck said...

The following petition to save the pools at Rocky Canyon will be forwarded the USFS Boise Ranger District.

Show your support by signing the petition.

Please pass the word to save Rocky Canyon Pools.

Brandon said...

Signed the petition .. I just discovered this place too. It's amazing. Tell me how to help save it. Who do we need to pay off (or pay a visit to...)

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