Hoodoo Hot Springs, Lake and Mine


White Cloud Mountains

August is a great time to visit the White Cloud Mountains, located in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA), northeast of Stanley, Idaho.

Hoodoo HS

Hoodoo Hot Springs is also located in the White Clouds, and is near multiple backcountry trailheads to alpine lakes that are anywhere from a 2 mile jaunt to a 20 mile expedition to reach.

Icy Creek

While Hoodoo Lake is a mere 2 miles/2K ft hike, the trail is … rustic to say the least. Twists, snags, deadfall, huge boulders, jagged cliffs, scenic waterfalls and incredible views of the White Clouds; this hike has it all.

Hoodoo Lake

Bring lots of water, there’s any icy cool lake waiting at the top and a stellar soak at the bottom near the haunted Hoodoo Mines. J/K. Or, am I?

White Clouds

The access road, appropriately numbered FSR 666 is a tire killer. I made it in and out ok, but 3 of 6 other vehicles that drove into the area took on flat tires.

And, the bugs! Were insane! I’ve been out here a few times a few different years and this one took the gold. Luckily, I had a mesh shelter that I finally got to put to the test … it was so awesome to be able to take a bug break, especially when eating. At least it was only during the day, shortly after nightfall they thinned out quick. High altitude has that effect.

Hoodoo HS

The hike to the lake was a surprise challenge. The reward at the top made it more than worth the brutal scramble during 90 degree heat. And, the hot spring at the bottom felt good on the muscles and took the chill out of the evening mountain air.


Lydia said...

You have no idea how heavenly this looks and sounds to me! All except the bugs.....did they bother your dog? btw, what kind of dog is that? I've seen pictures of Finnish Spitz and wonder if that's what yours is.

I was all excited thinking there was a hot springs really close by. Hoodoo ski area in these parts, however, has no hot springs and I should have known better than to get my hopes up!

Happy Autumn.

theHSG said...

Thanks, Lydia!

The bugs left my dog alone for the most part, but her longer hair helped I'm sure. She's a Croatian Sheepdog, and has accompanied me on many camp and pack trips. A trusted companion indeed. Apologies for the Hoodoo trickery! You'll just have to venture to Idaho for a soak in the Sawtooths instead.

Happy Trails!

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