A Round of Idaho Updates

Summer Greetings!

Apologies for the lack of updates... however, that only means one thing - I've been out and about. I would have had a video clip of Jerry to post, but Revver has been gummed-up lately. Looks like I'll have to go with YouTube when I've got some time to re-upload the clip.

Not hot springs related, but here's some incredible pics of Coeur d'Alene Lake that I recently took while traveling...

smojosh - View my 'CDA Lake' set on Flickriver

I just received an email update from Will about Loftus (Boise National Forest) Hot Springs stating that the springs are clean save for glass in the upper pool... most was removed (courtesy of Will, many thanks friend) but not all was completely removed.

Rnspringer posted on the forums about a recent visit to Pine Burl and Moondipper (Boise National Forest)... you can check that out here...

A good friend of mine, Conedog, just returned from the Warm Lake area where last weekend was the once a year weekend when the Nez Pierce and Shoshone tribes are granted fishing rights to the area. My knowledge is pretty weak regarding the ordeal, and will be researching this soon, but it sounds like the rights are granted as part of a treaty or some kind of agreement for tribes that inhabited the land prior to the deal making. Please chime in if you've got some knowledge to share. Anyway, Conedog was fortunate enough to share a soak with a Nez Pierce family that enlightened him of the situation. The family also told him that there was a tribe hunting in the area that shouldn't be... i.e. they were not involved in the agreement, but are taking advantage of the right. Conedog mentioned that they used nets to trap the fish, then a modified spear to bring 'em in. I had no idea.

The Roadless Area Conservation Rule AKA RAC Rule AKA Roadless Rule controversy is heating up again... thank goodness! I've gone on and on and on about this... and decided to create RoadlessIdaho.com, please visit, take action, link-up and spread the word. Let me know if you link-up, and I'll add you to the supporters list on the site. Please take a minute to send a message to the prez - Earthjustice style - Ask Obama to Protect America's Roadless Forests!

I've also received brief, positive reports for Goldbug, Molly's Tubs and Juntura (Oregon). Overall, it seems I'm getting more reports of cleaned-up hot springs vs those that are trashed. I would love to see that trend.

Hope you are all out enjoying the great outdoors, or have got plans to do so. Please remember to pick up all trash and never bring glass. Happy Trails!
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