Hangin w/ Jerry

JJ Signage
The lower sign no longer exists

It has been awhile since visiting, what I like to call, the highway 12 region. Three stellar soaks, all accessible off the same highway.

Sadly, Weir Creek was overrun with soakers. Not that I mind the company of fellow hot springers, but Weir Creek can only hold so many. Which lead to the logical conclusion - Jerry Johnson. I would have spent the whole week at Stanley Hot Springs, but fording Boulder Creek was out of the question.

Interesting to note; the trailhead to Stanley Hot Springs was actually posted clothing optional. While the signage that has been up at Jerry that states the hot springs and trail are both clothing optional has ... evaporated.

From what I've read, all National Forest in Idaho is in fact clothing optional unless otherwise posted. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, visiting Jerry was an enjoyable reunion.

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs
Source 2

I've never actually soaked at the second source pool before. This time, the temperature was just right. The soak was indeed stellar. Visiting early yielded to having the entire complex of hot springs to oneself for a handful of hours. Not bad, considering the waterfall pools at the first source were submerged.


All in all, Jerry was a great soak. I think the main reason why I has such a good time was that I didn't have to cart hardly any trash out (!). Remarkable, considering the nature of this particular soak.

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Kirkham Hot Springs Kybosh

Kirkham natural Hot Springs in the Boise National Forest. This video is from visiting Kirkham on the way back from a trip to Stanley, Idaho. The hot springs campground was almost free from winter snow and signs of spring were plentiful. As always, pick up all trash and please don't bring glass to hot springs.
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