Trashed Trail Creek


Trail Creek, usually a stellar soak, and usually littered with a moderate amount of trash. This time however, the entire surrounding area was trashed. Is it really that hard to pick up after oneself? Why come out to the woods to begin with if that's the mindset?

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Mitchum said...

bummer about the trash... looks like a beautiful soak though. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Fun times, I've been discovering quite a bit of trash this year. More than usual? I really don't know, but as the snow melts away there's sure a lot of it.

Thanks for the video.

Matt Weyen said...

Too many losers out there with zero respect for what we have. Idaho is the reddest state there is, that might have something to do with it.

Next time I'm in the 3 Forks area, I'm going to camp and check out the hot springs. We were tight on time, but I really want to see it sometime. Have you been?

theHSG said...

Thanks for the comments and kind words!

I haven't been out much, yet... so hopefully the increase in trash isn't trending. Hopefully. I'm heading out for a week on the 1st.

Spot-on; too many have no respect for these truly unique places. Taken for granted.

Ahh, 3 forks... I have yet to make it out there, looks like a great hike and soak. I tried to get out in early Spring and almost got stuck in the mud... whew! Just barley made it.

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