Trashed Trail Creek


Trail Creek, usually a stellar soak, and usually littered with a moderate amount of trash. This time however, the entire surrounding area was trashed. Is it really that hard to pick up after oneself? Why come out to the woods to begin with if that's the mindset?

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Mountain Village Resort Hot Springs

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Pics of Kirkham

Pictures from a recent visit to Kirkham Hot Springs in Idaho...

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The Fate of the Yellowstone Grizzly

BTW, Today is Endangered Species Day!

The following essay snippet was written by Doug Peacock, and is in support of returning Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections to Yellowstone Grizzly Bears.
Some 54 grizzly bears were known to have died in 2008, the highest mortality ever recorded; this number probably exceeds the extensive killings of forty years ago, when Yellowstone National Park closed down its garbage dumps and bears wandered into towns and campgrounds. The Yellowstone grizzly population sharply declined in the early 1970s and, consequently, the bear was listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 1975.

In 2008, hunters and other humans shot bears in record numbers. People killed grizzlies because they could—sadly, a not uncommon human attitude in the American West—and since Yellowstone’s grizzlies had been removed from the protection of the Endangered Species Act, there were virtually no penalties for shooting them. Bear management had been turned over to the Fish and Game agencies of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana who tend to accept any hunter explanation of self-defense in grizzly country. In short, the grizzlies were easy to kill because their lives were made less valuable by delisting.
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