Commercial Hot Springs Updates in Idaho

It is surely Spring. The time when Idaho commercial hot springs owners and operators begin sending in their updates to

New info. has been added/updated for the following commercial (fee use) hot springs located in Idaho:

  1. Indian Springs Hot Springs Resort and RV Park (see previous post for info.)
  2. Easley Hot Springs in Idaho: listing and link update
  3. Durfee Hot Springs in Almo, Idaho: Google Map location update and new listing added
  4. Riverside Inn & Hot Springs in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho: listing update
  5. Riverdale Resort Hot Springs in Idaho: listing and link update

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Frank said...

Hey Josh, My wife and I Just got back from willow creek HS and found it loaded with red spider mites !!! 3 campers there told us about them and showed us . According to them this is a real recent infestation . We were really bummed !! Is there any way to get rid of them once they get started ?? Frank McCleary

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