Falling for Pine Flats Hot Springs

Hot Springs Name: Pine Flats Hot Springs
Additional Info: View complete listing on IHS
Near: Lowman, Idaho
Type: Public
NF: Boise National Forest

Pine Flats Hot Springs in Idaho

Trip Report

It had been a couple months. I was antsy to get out. So, I took off Friday evening for Pine Flats. There's nothing quite like a hot soak under the stars in Idaho's backcountry during winter. The gate into the campground of the same name was open, and I was able to drive down to the trailhead parking area with ease, not much snow/ice here... yet.

Pine Flats Hot Springs in Idaho

After the brief hike to the 'round the bend' pool I began my routine. First, I started by dropping my non-waterproof digital thermometer into the pool. Then, I finished off by falling into the pool with all of my clothes on, coat, shoes and all. Not so smooth considering the air temperature was below 20 and I still had to hike back out.

Pine Flats Hot Springs in Idaho

I then proceeded to make another smooth move. I stripped down and immediately climbed into the pool... not fully knowing the temperature. After a few minutes of shivering I decided that it was around 96. Not good. At least my coat was somewhat dry, but my shoes and pants were drenched. Needless to say, I enjoyed my truck's heater after the return speed-hike. All things considered, I ventured out because I needed a break from the norm. It turned out to be a pretty fun trip regardless. My soaking companion thought it was a riot. For some reason I neglected to see the humor in it until a few hours later.

A huge plus to the whole debacle was that I found Pine Flats to be trash-free for the first time in years.

[where: Lowman, ID]


CaliCampBug said...

Yikes! So many mishaps. I love it when stuff like this happens. Makes for great memories.

I once drove to the Grand Canyon but didn't see it because of a snow storm. Stood on the edge and saw only white - no canyon because of the lack of visibility. One of my favorite road trip mishaps!

So, I'm not laughing at you, but with you. ;)

Hot Springs Guy said...

LOL, no worries! I think it's quite comical now that I'm warm. :)

Thanks for sharing the Grand Canyon story, that is so true!

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