Weir Creek Hot Springs in Idaho Trip Report

North Idaho Wonder

Unfortunately, my schedule only allowed for a late night run at Weir Creek Hot Springs. Which just means no pics, but some video turned-out. It was a stellar soak under a thick blanket of stars overlooking a dense forest with crystal-clear Weir Creek chatting away in the background. The pool clocked-in at 108! Good thing it was brisk. After observing two shooting stars while eating a wheel of cheese, some peanut butter and trail mix I decided to call it good.

On the way out I crossed paths with a couple and their dog attempting to navigate their way in. I helped them coordinate, and left hoping they took it slow due to their lack of decent flashlights. Even when hiking during daylight, there are still plenty of sharp drops on slick dirt, mysterious trail intersections and skirmishes with Weir Creek to contend with. During spring runoff, access to the hot springs can be quite a challenge. A good trekking pole/hiking staff is handy here year-round.

Camp was pitched nearby; I remembered the location of a handful of nice primitive campsites just down a dirt FSR close to the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs trailhead, tomorrow's agenda.
Rating A


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