Taking Channel 6 to the Hot Springs

Kevin and Lincoln

When KIVI Channel 6 anchor Lincoln Graves approached me a couple months ago in regard to a hot springs venture, I was hesitant. In the same way that I am regarding IdahoHotSprings.com and this blog. Believe it or not, it's not my intention to drive large amounts of people to hot springs. It's actually to educate newbie and veteran soakers alike. However, after I was able to talk with Lincoln, I found out it was for a special segement called "Idaho Green Living", and that I could talk about the environment as well as protecting hot springs. Any hesistation I previously had, dissipated.

Middle Fork Payette River Ford

This morning I took Kevin (photographer/cameraman), Lincoln (anchor) and a longtime fellow hot springer with me to a hot springs in the Boise National Forest. The event went great, Lincoln and Kevin did an excellent job and everyone seemed to have a good time, myself included.

An easy ford, low amounts of trash and beautiful Boise National Forest scenery made the soak just that much more stellar.

The segment is going to air on Wednesday night, July 16th, 10pm and again on Thursday during the morning show. There will be a version on KIVI's website as well.


Due to breaking news the "Idaho Green Living" segment will now air on July 30th.

[where: Boise, ID]


hettinger said...

good work. looked like a good segment.

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