Hot Springs Access Road and Area Closure Updates for Idaho

Greetings fellow hot potters (sorry, hadn't used that nick in bit - gotta mix it up)

If you are gearing up to head out into the backcountry please pay attention to the following road and area closures, as they could effect access to your hot springs destination.

Area: NE of Cascade: Warm Lake / Yellow Pine / Krassel District

Closure: Forest Service Road 474 North from August 4th through November 1st (NR)

Hot Springs: Sugah, Penny, Teapot, Buckhorn, Lodgpole, Darling's Cabin

Closure: Stibnite Road in August, Exact Date TBA (NR)

Hot Springs: Kwis Kwis and access to the FCRNRW

Closure: Stolle Meadows (NR)

Hot Springs: None, but near Vulcan

Area: Lowman / Stanley

Closure: Fir Creek Campground until August 30th (NR)

Hot Springs: Bear Valley

Closure: Bull Trout Lake until August 30th (NR)

Hot Springs: Sitting Bull


hettinger said...

thanks for posting this list!

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