One Last Swipe at Millions of Idaho Roadless Public Forests - Loaded with Hot Springs

This is it everyone! April 7th is the last day to submit your comments in favor of protecting millions of undeveloped pubic roadless Idaho forests from invasive and destructive drilling, logging and mining development.

The Bush Administration and key Idaho Republican political leaders (save for former Governor Risch) have clearly sold out in favor of special interests. They aren't even bothering to hide it this time. Many of the latter are actually former phosphate miners and/or heads of phosphate mining companies, which just happens to be one of the primary reasons they are after Idaho. More >

Quick Facts:
  • Idaho has the most roadless land in the lower 48. Less than 2% of all land in the United States is roadless.
  • Roadless areas provide necessary spawning grounds for Steelhead and many other fish. Fishing brings in millions of dollars of revenue to Idaho every year.
  • Idaho has the most usable, roadless public hot springs in the entire United States. Many of these hot springs have even been used by Indians and settlers, and have historical and medicinal significance. They also provide valuable winter habitat for wildlife. Without the hot springs in the Stanley area, large herds of Elk wouldn't survive the harsh winter conditions.
If you love the outdoors in any capacity, please - Take Action!
E-mail direct to:

Snail Mail them to:
Roadless Area Conservation-Idaho
PO Box 162909
Sacramento, CA 95816-2909


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