Willow Creek Hot Springs in Oregon Trip Report

Southeast Oregon Oasis

General Description

Miles away from nowhere, Willow Creek Hot Spring features a single pool out in the middle of southeast Oregon's high desert region. An all-season gravel/dirt road will get you most of the way there, but the last bit is on soft dirt, which is impassible during rain. Choose your season wisely.

Wildlife Sighted: Wild Horses, Pronghorn (Antelope), Rabbits (plenty of them!), Bobcats, Cougars, Deer, Owls (spotted 2 of them), Coyotes, Bats and Foxes (oh my) - don't even think of driving out to this one at night, all of the animals listed above are all over the road after dusk [there are also Thunder Eggs in this area]

Seasonal Notes
Accessible all year.

Camping Notes
BLM camping right next to the hot springs and in the surrounding area.

03.03.08 Trip Report

I miss this place. Looking back though my records, I couldn't believe it had been 3 years since my last visit. The northwest has too many incredible places. My return visit to Willow Creek Hot Spring was on a blustery day, very windy and chilly. The soak was stellar, whew! Thank goodness, because I didn't bring any firewood!

On my way to the hot springs I came across two herds of wild horses. I was awestruck. The only other time I experienced such a thing was 6 years ago, just a few miles west of my present location. Wild horses! Can you even imagine!

Please note, the entire BLM area surrounding the hot springs and pit toilet were extremely muddy! There was one small area near the entrance wide enough for a couple vehicles that was just barley dry enough to park.
Rating A

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Wild Horses and Hot Spring in the Oregon Desert

Willow Creek Hot Spring in Southeast Oregon Video Clip

Clip features two run-ins with real-life wild horses. There are not many of these herds left in the US. The rest of the clip features a high-desert hot spring... Willow Creek. Footage is from the southeast corner of Oregon, approx. 4 hours from Boise Idaho and near Fields Oregon.

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