Molly's Tubs Hot Spring in Idaho Shot-Up


According to the Idaho Outdoors Yahoo! User Group, the Tubs at Molly's Tubs Hot Spring northeast of Cascade Idaho (Warm Lake Area) have been used as target practice and are all full of bullet holes.

Sadly, this is yet another example of abuse and overuse that is becoming all too common at easy access hot springs. I hope this is just a rumor, because cleaning up those tubs is going to be a nightmare. This is exactly why natural pools should be built verses hauling in crap to soak in.


Anonymous said...

well that not true i live next to there and go all the time only one is shot up

extrovertonage said...

As of January 4, 2009, the tubs, pipes, and any evidence that they ever existed are totally gone. No signs, no clues, just cleaned out. Only the authorities would do such a thorough job, but I'm still researching what actually happened.

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