Idaho Roadless on PBS

Phosphate mining and resulting contamination will be revealed to the nation on the PBS documentary series NOW airing this Friday, February 22nd.

The program investigates the proposed Idaho Roadless Rule, a Bush administration plan that opens the door for private industry to develop protected land, and examines the relationship between this plan and the phosphate mining industry. The NOW program will feature how the proposed Idaho Rule could result in additional phosphate mining by opening protected lands.

This national program promises to bring national focus on the public lands of southeast Idaho that the Caribou Clean Water Partnership is striving to protect. The program will include interviews with several local residents, including members of the Caribou Clean Water Partnership, industry representatives, and others.

Be sure to tune into NOW on your local public television channel on Friday, February 22nd. The program will air nationally, and will be on all Idaho Public Television channels at 7:30 p.m. If you live outside of Idaho, please check your local listings for the time.

In Regard to Hot Springs

Much of the roadless area in Idaho is also home to many natural hot springs. Along with the land and forests - these unique and sacred places are also at risk.

Additional Roadless Information


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