The Biggest Environmental Story You've Never Heard Of

Right now the fate of Idaho's roadless forests is at stake. The Bush Administration is taking one last crack at the Nationwide Roadless Rule with a swipe at Idaho.

Rice Lake

Essentially, they want to roll back nationwide protections in Idaho, and hand over millions of our last undeveloped forests to special interests. They are not even bothering to hide their agenda, and continue to move forward with their plans despite tremendous outcry from united groups of backpackers, hunters, anglers, hikers, environmentalists and other outdoor enthusiasts.

While these groups typically don't see eye to eye on environmental issues, they do when it comes to protecting the last of Idaho's pristine roadless forests.

To better understand the issue at hand please watch PBS's NOW Video: Fighting Over Forests.

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nelson said...

Thanks for pointing out the importance of this issue. The Roadless rule was arguably the most significant federal conservation action since the Wilderness Act. Unfortunately, outside of the environmental community and the logging industry, almost nobody knows much of anything about it. Even among people who do know about the roadless rule, few people know where the lands are. is a site that maps all the roadless areas in the US for the purpose of helping people explore these wonderful lands. The site has dynamic maps, topos, photos and comments. There is also now a layer that shows the categories applied to the land by the Idaho roadless petition.

Explore the roadless areas on and then voice your opinion.

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