Idaho's Backcountry Forests at Risk

URGENT: 6 of Idaho's 9 Million Acres of Roadless Forests are Currently at Risk!

Recently the Bush administration initiated a national rule making that will decide the fate of more than 9.3 million acres of roadless areas in Idaho's national forests. These areas currently enjoy protection under the Roadless Area Conservation Rule. The proposed rule could open the door to mining, logging, road construction, oil and gas development as well as other corporate special interests on as many as 6 million acres of these pristine forests.

Idaho's roadless areas make up the core of the last intact forest ecosystem in the lower 48 states — where all of the native plants, fish and wildlife — from the smallest plant to the largest predator — can still be found.

The Forest Service is now accepting public comments. The time to act is now! Sign the letter to let the Forest Service know that you want all of Idaho's Roadless Areas protected — and that the public needs to be given more time to comment.



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