Chena Hot Springs in Alaska (video)


Excellent Chena Hot Springs YouTube video clip from I totally dig how the facilities are geothermal-powered. Plus, the Ice Museum is stellar!


Anonymous said...

Hey Josh,

This is a cool place, Chena Hot Springs. I was there in April 2007.

The reason for this post is that I tried sending you a couple e-mails to your webmaster e-mail for Idaho Hot Springs. The e-mail was about your Boiling Springs photo that I used for a paper in 2006 with your permission. I was hoping you will consider letting me use it again for a presentation, once again crediting you and your website. Please check your e-mail and let me know. Thanks!

Dan F.
Reno, NV
(See my e-mail)

Scott Slone said...


Scott here from the Alaska Podshow and want to thank you for the kind words and linking to the YouTube video I posted. Enjoy your site as well, and made its way into my bookmarks - I totally dig hot springs, and yes... Chena Hot Springs - all buildings are geothermal powered with free energy, which we're doing a show on as well soon.

Anyway thanks and enjoy your website!
Cheers -

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