The Story of Stuff


I always come back from wilderness pack trips different. I'm reminded of the insane amount of waste we produce, stuff we have, ridiculous inhibitions we hold on to. I truly believe that there are two core problems we face in life as a society; education and over population. And, everything boils down to education. Peace. Health. Pollution. The Environment. Almost every challenge, threat and problem we face can be traced back to either of the two.

The more time I spend in nature, with only my backpack to provide the two primary staples of food and shelter, the more attune I become with myself and the world. If only I could backpack more, as to keep rejuvenated mentalities and perspectives fresh.

Wilderness is inspiring. My best ideas have come from the result of a wilderness adventure. One week away from all of the noise, advertising, routines and hustle and bustle of everyday life is liberating in so many ways.

The Story of Stuff, a 20 minute video by Free Range Studios, encapsulates much of what I've come to learn since I started backpacking in 1999 - and then some. It's an eye-opening look at the world we are living in. Check it out:

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Matt Weyen said...

Right on! There needs to be approximately 6.5 billion more people on earth with some sense of what you wrote in this one!

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