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It doesn't look good for longtime hot springer hangout Updates stopped a few years ago on the static side of the site, leaving the forums members to wonder if their soak seeking community was in jeopardy. Despite the lack of updates, the forums lived on.

It wasn't until about a year ago when the spam came. Breaking threads, marketing posts of every kind went un-moderated. And, then... silence. Offline. How do I know this? Well, I've been hanging out on for some time. I'm also very sad to see it finally go down.

So, where to go now? There's a couple new geothermal enthusiast hangouts that have started to gain momentum. One to note is the Forums. All of the forums software is up-to-date, there are a couple moderators, the community is growing and members seem to be quite helpful. is actually a very unique website aside from the forums. It's basically a portal for all things hot springs. It's content comes from all over the web. From the latest New Zealand hot springs YouTube videos to blog posts on Yellowstone hot springs. As soon as it hits the web, if it's hot springs related, it's on Way cool.

If you were a member, you might find some value out of this link. It leads to the archived forums, where you can read past posts and grab member info.

Know of any other great online hot springs hangouts? Please, comment away!

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Arne said...

Too bad about Maybe we'll just have to look at this site more, as it seems to get more information every time I visit it. Or, we could just use the old guide books & guess about conditions at hot springs we want to visit. Adventure! Keep up the good work!

cguiles said...

Too bad about St. Leon - it was always one of my favorite trips. I ran across this forum
Not too many people on it yet, though...

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