Rocky Canyon, Hot Springs Campground and Skinnydipper Updates

Rocky Canyon Hot Springs in Idaho

Less trash, lower temperatures (just barley hot enough to soak) and a freezing river ford... in a nutshell. All in all a great soak. Although my friend experienced a couple bites that he thought to be red spider mites. Hmmm. Maybe, maybe not.
Rating: B+

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Hot Springs Campground in Idaho

Dang. This place was the most thrashed and trashed I've ever witnessed. My gut feeling was that the parking lot and campground directly across the highway that was full of hunters had something to do with that. I really hope not, but why the crap won't they clean it up? The temperature clocked in at 101, but I didn't stick around to soak more than my appendages. Hot Springs Campground is a decent soak, but with so many other stellar soaks in the neighborhood, why?
Rating D

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Skinnydipper Hot Springs in Idaho

We tried to sneak a soak at Skinny in the am, but the 6 cars in the pullout drove us on to nearby hot springs. However, on the way back, a huge rainstorm hit. Our hopes that the storm had chased off all of Mile Marker 4's soakers was confirmed when we rounded the bend on the Banks-Lowman highway. Soaking in Skinnydipper during any kind of storm is a personal favorite. The icing on the cake was almost non-existent trash.
Rating: A+

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