Mile-16 History Lesson


In 1980/1981 Mile-16 Hot Springs in Idaho was located and cultivated by Al Borup, the late 70s and early 80s fire crew Chief of the Krassel work station. Al is currently working in Boise for the National Interagency Fire Center, continuing to fight the good fight no doubt.

The large rock in the north end of the pool took him and two others an entire day to move, which is still an integral part of the original pool that exists today. Thank you Al, this hot springs is a special place to many. Al has told me that the name Fire Crew was because of how fast people caught wind of the new soak. What he doesn't realize is that the Fire Crew nickname is because of him.

Note: the access road to Mile-16 is currently closed, click for more info.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Californians, I blew this hotsprings up. No more Idaho. :(

Anonymous said...

My nephew & I were at Mile-16 on 1-16-09. No trash & absolutely incredible spring. First time I'd been dippin in the snow!
Thanks to all that have worked on this spring - my new all-time favorite Hot Spring!
Baker County, Oregon

Hot Springs Guy said...

Hi Mark,

It is truly a special place. So great to hear that there was no trash. This is a favorite of many locals and NF workers that all seem to take good care of it.

Thanks for the update!

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