Two Back-Flips into a Hot Springs Pool


Short video clip includes underwater footage.

Note: I am in the process of cleaning up the blog; this is another post I found in draft version that didn't make it for some reason. Enjoy.

Forest Service Road 698 to Boiling Springs Closed

FYI The Middle Fork Road north of Crouch Idaho (FSR 698) is closed just past the fork to Silver Springs Plunge. That is, if snow hasn't already closed the road.

You can still make it to Fire Crew, but put your plans for Boiling Springs, Pine Burl, Moondipper, Groundhot and Butterfly on hold. If Fire Crew is your destination, good luck, the pools are sizzlin hot!

Thanks Nick for the update, as well as everyone else for sending in other updates. I'll get the rest up soon.

Peace outside, HSG

A Thanksgiving Reflection on Wilderness By Bethine Church

When reflecting on the blessings that have enriched my life, I sometimes register these gifts at random, as though going through a file drawer of important things too rarely visited. Thinking of one always suggests others.

When that happens, wild places are high on my list. There is so much cement and blacktop, so much noise, in our lives! It is a blessing to be able to see places as God made them. I grew up on a ranch in Idaho and these special places were the backdrop for our lives. They have continued to be. When Frank and I were courting, there was a meadow near our ranch, right on the edge of the White Cloud Mountains. We would camp there and simply watch the stars as stars are meant to be seen.

That is an experience almost unattainable today but for protected wild places. Unless we fight to preserve them, our children and grandchildren will have that much less to be thankful for.

And that leads me to another gift for which I am thankful: the millions of Americans who rarely get to visit these places but who nonetheless rise up in defense of wilderness as both special place and vibrant idea. This is an act of generosity and faith. Surely, it is also an act of thanksgiving.

When Frank was working to guide the Wilderness Act of 1964 through the Senate, many of our Idaho neighbors said, "Oh, wilderness is just something for easterners, for rich people, not for us." They were wrong.

It is gratifying to see how Americans use wilderness today - as families, even toddlers, with backpacks large and small! That has been the case in our family, too. We've rafted together down the River of No Return in what is now the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Those experiences strengthened our family and left our children and grandchildren a priceless legacy: a love of unspoiled places.

And as I sift through my little file cabinet of blessings, I am thankful for you and other WildAlert subscribers. We have a saying here in the West: "When you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know it didn't get there by itself." We could not have come as far as we have come in our wilderness journey without you - without your willingness to act, without your generosity, without your commitment.

As I celebrate this most American of holidays with my own family, I will be thinking of you and yours. Thankfully.

-Bethine Church


True that! Idaho is lucky to have active Wilderness defenders like Bethine.


Weekend of Nov. 24-25: Idaho Hot Springs Event

Backpack to an Unusable Hot Springs
Saturday-Sunday, November 24-25

General Information (from Mike and Debbie)

We'll backpack 3.5 easy-grade miles, passing several other usable hot springs (possible quick soaks), to a despicable wallow, where we'll set up our camp. Of course, there's a price to pay: 8 river crossings with knee deep cold water-exhilarating. Be tough or bring wetsuit booties/wetsocks. We'll leave early Sat morning (time and place TBA) and return Sun afternoon. As usual, you must bring something (food, drink, poem, etc.) to share with the group. Limited. For more details or to sign up, contact Mike or Debbie at 384-1545 (Boise).


It looks like I will be out of town for this one, if any of you make it, let me know how it goes.

Peace, HSG

Rocky Canyon, Hot Springs Campground and Skinnydipper Updates

Rocky Canyon Hot Springs in Idaho

Less trash, lower temperatures (just barley hot enough to soak) and a freezing river ford... in a nutshell. All in all a great soak. Although my friend experienced a couple bites that he thought to be red spider mites. Hmmm. Maybe, maybe not.
Rating: B+

View 11.12.07 Rocky Canyon Hot springs Video Clip

View Rocky Canyon Hot Springs in Idaho Complete Listing

Hot Springs Campground in Idaho

Dang. This place was the most thrashed and trashed I've ever witnessed. My gut feeling was that the parking lot and campground directly across the highway that was full of hunters had something to do with that. I really hope not, but why the crap won't they clean it up? The temperature clocked in at 101, but I didn't stick around to soak more than my appendages. Hot Springs Campground is a decent soak, but with so many other stellar soaks in the neighborhood, why?
Rating D

Watch the video clip

View the complete listing

Skinnydipper Hot Springs in Idaho

We tried to sneak a soak at Skinny in the am, but the 6 cars in the pullout drove us on to nearby hot springs. However, on the way back, a huge rainstorm hit. Our hopes that the storm had chased off all of Mile Marker 4's soakers was confirmed when we rounded the bend on the Banks-Lowman highway. Soaking in Skinnydipper during any kind of storm is a personal favorite. The icing on the cake was almost non-existent trash.
Rating: A+

View the complete listing for Skinnydipper

Hot Springs in the Boise National Forest

I made a trip up to Rocky Canyon, Campground and Skinnydipper Hot Springs with Stoney. The video includes the first two, but it was raining too hard for any Skinnydipper flimage. Both hot springs are located north of Boise Idaho, in the Boise National Forest.

Brief Updates on Moondipper and Pine Burl

Moondipper Hot Springs in Idaho

Not much new to report here, no trash is always good though, but the soak - too hot!
Rating: X

View the complete listing for Moondipper Hot Springs in Idaho

Pine Burl Hot Springs in Idaho

Yuk! The pool was mucky and silty, temps were all over the place... what happened here?
Rating: D-

View the complete listing for Pine Burl Hot Springs in Idaho

Boiling Springs Trip Report

09.17.07 Boiling Springs Hot Springs in Idaho Trip Report

It was a beautiful day to be hiking around in the Boise National Forest. Our soaking party met a nice couple on their way out - they were as red as lobsters! They had somehow managed to withstand 110-113 degree temperatures for over an hour... yikes! I couldn't take sticking my foot in for longer than a minute. The pools were silty, but the water was clear. This one is just too hot to enjoy prolonged soaking.
Rating: D

Watch the video clip

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Walk in the Light

The Hot Springs Guy (.com) has gone through a few upgrades and has a new light and wide look.

Here's a rundown of the upgrades and new features:

Mile-16 History Lesson


In 1980/1981 Mile-16 Hot Springs in Idaho was located and cultivated by Al Borup, the late 70s and early 80s fire crew Chief of the Krassel work station. Al is currently working in Boise for the National Interagency Fire Center, continuing to fight the good fight no doubt.

The large rock in the north end of the pool took him and two others an entire day to move, which is still an integral part of the original pool that exists today. Thank you Al, this hot springs is a special place to many. Al has told me that the name Fire Crew was because of how fast people caught wind of the new soak. What he doesn't realize is that the Fire Crew nickname is because of him.

Note: the access road to Mile-16 is currently closed, click for more info.

View the complete listing for Mile-16 Hot Springs in Idaho on

Nov. 10-11 Sitting Bull Hot Springs in Idaho Clean-Up

For details or to sign up, contact Mike or Debbie Allen. Car camping at the campground (toilets, no water) at beautiful Martin Lake at 7000'.

Additional Information

FYI - I am not running this, but am hoping to make it. -HSG
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