Bernard Warm Springs near Cascade, Idaho


A long forgotten warm springs located in the Boise National Forest near Cascade, Idaho. Bernard, also known as Smalley, was at one time a full-fledged hot springs resort. The pool today lies in the remnants of the resort's foundation. The seldom used pool features rock and log/tarp walls and has a sandy/gravel bottom with lots of algae and silt.

Seasonal Notes
The Forest Service Road that provides access is snow covered all winter until approximately April or May. It would be advisable to have a 4x4 during the wet seasons. Possible snowmobile access during winter months.

Camping Notes
There are a few primitive sites near the springs (not very private). Also many other primitive sites accessible from the main forest road. Beware of Poison Ivy!

08.11.07 Trip Report

I would have stayed the night and enjoyed another soak had it not been for all of the cow pies... and cows! The pool was in much better shape than my last visit, which was over 4 years ago. My how time flies. Reminds me of a Dave Matthews Band quote "Life is short but sweet for certain..."
Rating: C+

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