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09.17.07 Rocky Canyon Hot Springs Trip Report

There's not much more to say that wasn't said in the 06.16.07 trip report - meaning Rocky Canyon Hot Springs was indeed a sweet soak. Since it was a Monday, forest service road traffic seemed light compared to last time. There was still a steady stream of vehicles, mostly hunters.

It was a beautiful day, the river ford was freezing (see video) and the soak stellar. Light trash (no dirty diapers this time) around and in the hot springs, and the road in was in much better condition. Which can be accredited to all of the firefighter traffic from throughout the summer.
Rating: A

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Fire Ban Restriction Removed in Idaho

For the first time since July you can now have a campfire in Idaho. Sweet! It sure has been getting chilly at night, and is even supposed to snow above 8K tonight... sheesh. Anyway, here's the details in regard to Idaho wildfire conditions.

This means have 'safe' fires, and please make sure to douse fires with water to put them out. No fires right next to hot springs or any water for that matter - keep it at least 200ft away. Soak like a ghost - leave no trace.

Soaking in Oregon


Originally uploaded by Melinda Mary
Great pic of two people enjoying a Hot Springs in Oregon.

Alaska's Secret Slaughter

Watch the video below then take action! Note: This is what is going up in north-central Idaho - aerial gunning in the Clearwater.


Originally uploaded by EcoSnake
Something I like to keep in mind.

Hot Soaks With a View: Rocky Canyon Hot Springs Video

North of Crouch, Idaho - on the far side of the Middle Fork Payette River lies Rocky Canyon Hot Springs.

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Don't Ever Pay for 411 Again

Never pay for directory assistance again! Watch the video below, then add 1.800.GOOG.411 to your cell.

Other free 411 alternatives? I thought you'd never ask; 1.800.373.3411 is another free directory assistance service provider.

Google Earth and US Hot Springs

Download all of the US hot springs NGDC GPS coordinates to Google Earth for free, here's the file with the hot springs coordinates.

If you need Google Earth, well you are in luck; it's free! Click here to download Google Earth.

Northwest Hot Springs Photo Book

Get yourself a copy of the photo book 'Northwest Hot Springs Volume 1'; it features 44 select images taken from years of hot springs trips - from yours truly.

Goofing Off at Frenchman's Bend (video clip)

Here's a video of some dudes goofing while enjoying a winter soak at Frenchman's Bend Hot Springs near Ketchum, Idaho.

Video source

McCall / Burgdorf Hot Springs Wildfire Update

Warren Wagon road, from McCall to Burgdorf Hot Springs has re-opened. The roads beyond the hot springs are open to residents only. Which means access to Secesh Hot Springs is a no-go. Here's the latest update

Warm Lake Area Wildfire Update

Residents of Yellow Pine and cabins in the vicinity of Warm Lake and Johnson Creek are still under evacuation orders while the surround roads remain closed as well. Here's the update

Shower Bath Wildfire Update

Triple Creek Ranch, Warm Springs Creek Hot Springs and Shower Bath are still threatened by wildfire, here's the latest update.

YouTube Western US Hot Springs Player

Here it is, my YouTube player for all Western US Hot Springs... enjoy:

Bernard Warm Springs Video Clip


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Bernard Warm Springs near Cascade, Idaho


A long forgotten warm springs located in the Boise National Forest near Cascade, Idaho. Bernard, also known as Smalley, was at one time a full-fledged hot springs resort. The pool today lies in the remnants of the resort's foundation. The seldom used pool features rock and log/tarp walls and has a sandy/gravel bottom with lots of algae and silt.

Seasonal Notes
The Forest Service Road that provides access is snow covered all winter until approximately April or May. It would be advisable to have a 4x4 during the wet seasons. Possible snowmobile access during winter months.

Camping Notes
There are a few primitive sites near the springs (not very private). Also many other primitive sites accessible from the main forest road. Beware of Poison Ivy!

08.11.07 Trip Report

I would have stayed the night and enjoyed another soak had it not been for all of the cow pies... and cows! The pool was in much better shape than my last visit, which was over 4 years ago. My how time flies. Reminds me of a Dave Matthews Band quote "Life is short but sweet for certain..."
Rating: C+

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Now That's a Spider Web

"Entomologists are debating the origin and rarity of a sprawling spider web that blankets several trees, shrubs and the ground along a 200-yard stretch of trail in a North Texas park." More...
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