Olympic Hot Springs Photographic Treat


A member from the family that originally owned and operated the Olympic Hot Springs Resort in the early 1900s recently contacted me with a special treat... two photos of the Hot Springs Resort from 1927 and 1937 (see above and below).

Of course, the present day location of the old resort is located in Olympic National Park, and the old road into the hot springs in now a hiking trail. The resort is long gone, although remnants can still be found near the hot springs, and the hot pools are now in a natural state.

The hike to Olympic Hot Springs is 2.5 miles from the trailhead during warmer months. When there is snow, road barricades are erected, and increase the hike in from 2.5 to 6.5 miles during winter. The hot springs emanate from multiple locations to feed a group of 5 pools; where 3 out of the 5 are typically a sweet soak.

Seasonal Notes
While the hot springs are usable all year, snow shoes might be in order during winter months. Road barriers are pushed back 4 miles during the winter because of snow and snow drifts - extending the hike to 6.5 miles, 1-way. This significantly increases the elevation gain as well.

Wildlife Notes
To protect raccoons, bears and other wildlife, all food, garbage and scented items must be secured from all wildlife 24 hours a day. If staying overnight; all food, garbage and scented items must be hoisted to keep it from Bears and other wildlife. Bear canisters would be a great choice as well.

Dogs are not allowed on any trails in the Olympic National Park, they are only allowed in select campgrounds while on-leash (strictly enforced).

Camping Notes
Nearest campground: Altaire/Elwha (5 miles from trailhead). There are 2 camping sites near the hot springs for backpackers, one even features a pit toilet.

View pictures of present day Olympic Hot Springs


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