Moondipper Hot Springs in Idaho

Moondipper Hot Springs, Pine Burl's lesser sibling, features a single rock walled pool with a sandy/silty bottom large enough for several soakers. Moondipper is an easy 2 mile hike along the Middle Fork of the Payette River from the Boiling Springs Guard Station, and is best suited for spring and early summer soaking - when there is enough cold creek water to mix with the hot spring outflow.

Seasonal Notes
The Forest Service Road that provides access is snow covered all winter until approximately late May.

Camping Notes
There is a flat, sizeable campsite just a bit further past Pine Burl as well as another further up the main trail before you depart up the creek to Moondipper. There are also many primitive and official camping opportunities near the forest road.

06.16.07 Trip Report

Weak spring runoff due to low winter snowpack in the mountains means that Moondipper's soaking window is a bit smaller this year. Meaning, it's already over. The cold creek water that is desperately needed to bring down the temps of the hot waters of Moondipper was already too low. Although, a couple siphon hoses might do the trick.
Rating: C

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