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North of Lowman, near the Sawtooth Lodge and Grandjean trailhead into the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) and nestled on the banks of the South Fork of the Payette River lies Sacajawea Hot Springs.

Sacajawea Hot Springs features a seasonal batch of rock walled pools with river rock, sand and gravel bottoms. The good news is that over the years Sacajawea has accumulated a variety of user-built, rock-walled pools. The bad news is that your soak depends on the cold river water to keep the pool temps in the usable range. Which means you better keep stirring the pool in hopes of dispersing the frequent blasts of hot and cold. That is, if you can find a pool level enough with the river.

With that said, there may or may not be a good soak waiting for you, depending on the river level, but at least the view is beautiful. Sacajawea Hot Springs is well known, easy to get to (during the warm months) and is located near the Sawtooth Lodge, Grandjean Campground and trailhead. Expect to see and interact with people.

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