500,000+ Acres of Idaho's Public Roadless Forests Face Invasive Development

Over 500,000 Acres. It's hard to imagine just how big that is.

Idaho's Republican Governor petitioned the Forest Service to allow road building in protected roadless areas last year. They want road access for invasive development of a big chunk of our last roadless public lands. This invasive development includes, mining, drilling, logging and more. They want to take a big slice out of what makes Idaho, Idaho.

Idaho's Republican Governor was able to get the petition in during a small window when the Bush Administration got rid of nationwide roadless protections. The window shut when the courts found the Bush Administration to have acted illegally, and reinstated nationwide protections. Despite this and opposition from hunters, anglers, backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts, Idaho's Republican-led Government has decided to continue on.

Roadless areas only account for less than 2% of all land in the US. That's all that is left.

In light of the above, the Idaho Conservation League, along with select Idaho businesses and individuals are focusing on the Adopt-a-Roadless Area program.

Participants in the Adopt-a-Roadless Area Program pledge to visit the roadless area at least once this year, learn about the area and its history, raise awareness about the area, and encourage the Forest Service to protect these special places from new development.

Idaho has 9.3 million acres of roadless forests, more than any other state in the lower 48. These areas provide clean water, wildlife habitat and solitude enjoyed by thousands of people across Idaho. The Bush Plan would immediately open 85% of Idaho¹s Roadless areas to potential development.

The Adopt-a-Roadless Area Program is aimed at encouraging Idahoans to:
* Experience their National Forests,
* Learn about the unique values of specific roadless areas and
* Increase public awareness about the threats to these special places

To participate, or to learn more, log onto www.wildidaho.org or contact Jonathan Oppenheimer, Senior Conservation Associate at the Idaho Conservation League at joppenheimer@wildidaho.org or (208) 345-6942 ext. 26.

Keep Idaho's National Roadless Forests Pristine

Sign the Care2 Idaho Roadless Forest Petition!

Additional Roadless Area Information


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