Campground Hot Springs in Idaho


Campground hot springs, located on the other side of the seasonally busy Banks-Lowman highway from the aptly named Hot Springs Campground, features one large soaking pool that sits in the base of an old structure. Hot water is piped into the pool from old pipes that remain from a historical bathhouse. The bathhouse's structure can bee seen from the pool and is closer to the Payette River. There is a second pool, but the water temperature is luke warm. However, this particular pool is actually designed to be a stand-up shower - perfect for a warm summer day! The pools are shallow, with rock lined walls and are sand/gravel bottomed.

Seasonal Notes
Be wary of the mud and rock slides that are a common occurrence along the Banks-Lowman Highway. Otherwise, HS CG is accessible year-round!

Camping Notes
Boise National Forest camping is right across the street.

04.08.07 Trip Report

Things are looking good around these parts! A larger pipe with increased flow has replaced the old, providing for much needed additional flow, which means the pool is a bit hotter.

The area was clean, the soak stellar and the views of the Payette sealed the deal. I wish my visit to Little Anderson hot spring was more like this. The good folks that soak here take excellent care of the hot springs.
Rating B+


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