Idaho's Roadless Areas Under Attack

Long Story Short (here's the long version)

  • Pre-Bush: Roadless areas nationwide are protected as a whole. No roadless development is allowed.
  • Bush Takes Office: Repeals roadless rule; revoking nationwide protections for roadless areas - our public lands! Puts in hands of local governors.
  • Former Idaho Governor Kempthorne immediately begins petition process to plan road building regardless of wishes of hunters, backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Recently: Bush found to have acted illegally in a court of law in regard to revoking the nationwide roadless rule. Rule reinstated!!!!!
  • The Bad News: Out of all the states, Idaho has decided to go against federal law and continue the petition to develop thousands of acres of roadless land in spite of tremendous public outcry.
And, to make matters worse, the Forest Service is only allowing for a 30 day comment period.

Many of Idaho's best hot springs are located in roadless areas.

Now is the Time for Action - Tell the Forest Service to Keep Roadless Areas Instact!

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You may also send in your comments directly:

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Mail to:
Roadless Area Conservation – Idaho
PO Box 162909
Sacramento, CA 95816-2909

Fax to: 916.456.6724

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