Hate Mail from Mark Morasch... Lovely

I hate you. I hope I never see you in a hotspring- thanks for letting even more people know about hotsprings in Idaho, the more people that can fit in one the better right?
Don't bother replying, you are on my spam list...
Mark Morasch
Idaho native
Research Technician
University of Idaho
Fish & Wildlife Resources Room: CEB 108A
Specialty: Fisheries Research
Phone: 208-885-4225


Above is an e-mail I just received from an admirer, apparently he's a University of Idaho Fish and Wildlife Research Technician. That explains his presence in the outdoors. I don't think this guy has ever actually read the text on my site. As most of you know, I advocate conservation, preservation and education. People are going to find hot springs regardless of the source. And, to that end, I don't even have directions posted of the actual hot springs. If he wants to go after those that post directions he should at least send his hate mail to the correct destination. Many of the National Forest websites post directions, so do Tribe users as well as hundreds of personal homepages... he's got a lot of hate-mailing work ahead of him.

I've probably even picked up his trash, put out his leftover fire and almost been run off the road by him. That's just great, this crazy guy is probably sitting in a hot springs somewhere with his rifle in hand, drunk with a sneer on his face - waiting to shoot at anyone coming to his own private hot springs that just happens to lie on public land. Although, I don't see a guy like this going to any hot springs you actually have to hike or backpack to unless they are accessible by ATV.

Hopefully this wanker realizes he needs to stay in the city with the rest of the idiots that truly don't appreciate hot springs, the environment and basic education. Get a hot tub and stay home.

Here's Mark's review of Evie's Hot Springs Book, he likes to shoot his mouth off. And for someone who doesn't want anyone to find hot springs why would he review a book on hot springs?

Hate is such a powerful word; to Mark - I don't hate you buddy. I think you're a jerk, and I too hope I don't see you at a hot springs.

Alright, I'm done now - Peace Outside


WonkotheSane said...

Damn! I had to read this while eating my lunch and I about snorted a piece of taco salad I was laughing so hard.

This fella looks like a professional critic with less than descerning tastes. HSG, thanks for all your work. You make visiting and finding these places easier, cleaner, and safer.

Rick said...

For someone who doesn't want you to reply he certainly leaves enough contact information!

I run across this type all too often . . . the Holy Priesthood who feel these experiences are above the unwashed, unenlightened mass of humanity . . . that only the Priesthood could truly appreciate nature. They would lock them away and only allow a select, privileged few come to their special place.


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