Warm Lake Area Hot Springs Summer Road Closure

(not the actual sign.. heh)

Forest Service Road 474/674 North, also known as the South Fork Salmon River Road; which grants access to Yellow Pine by way of the Warm Lake Highway will be closed from July 30th until October 15th 2007 because of road construction. This will temporarily effect access to the following hot springs:
  1. Buckhorn Hot Springs
  2. Teapot Hot Spring
  3. Lodge Pole Hot Spring
  4. Darline's Cabin Hot Springs
  5. Mile-16 (Sugah) Hot Springs
  6. John Wayne Hot Springs
  7. Dollar Creek Hot Springs
  8. Penny Hot Springs
To recap, the South Fork Salmon River Road, northeast of Cascade, will be closed from July 30th, 2007 until October 15th, 2007 due to road construction. This road is located in both the Boise and Payette National Forests.


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