Testing Teapot Hot Springs in Idaho

Teapot Hot Spring in Idaho

Teapot Hot Spring lies at the base of Teapot Mountain nestled between the South Fork Salmon River and Forest Service Road. Teapot features seasonal pools that submerge during spring runoff. The smattering of 5 to 7 pools are typically composed of rock and sand walls, are quite mucky and algae laden and feature sand and gravel bottoms.

Seasonal Notes
Accessible all year - note Warm Lake HWY and FSR 474 N traveling during winter will require a 4x4 to get though safely. The streamside pools at Teapot submerge during spring runoff.

Camping Notes
There is plenty of Boise National Forest camping nearby - no camping at the springs.

Nearby Attractions
03.24.07 Trip Report

As I neared Teapot I slowed down and looked out the window - I didn't plan on stopping, but the sight of a promising medium sized, well-built pool lured me in. Although not quite spring runoff, this new pool was just a smidge below the river water level making it a tad chilly. I bet this new, deep soaker will be good to go come late summer.

However, the South Fork Salmon River Road (FSR 474/674 North) will be closed the majority of THIS SUMMER due to road construction. So, from June through mid-October 2007 all of the hot springs in this area will get a break.
Rating: C

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