Soak Season Approaches

Ahh yes, it's that time of the year again.

The weather is warming up, and thoughts of hot springs, hiking, backpacking, camping, festivals and road trips begin to plague the mind on a daily basis.

Some things to remember:

Spring Runoff
This is a big one. The majority of the best hot springs in the northwest are inaccessible until late June through early August because of spring runoff. That just means that the water runoff from the melting snow in the mountains creates dangerous river fording conditions - not to mention submerges every hot springs located next to a river or creek. Which is just about all of them. Each of the hot springs listings on indicate the best time of year to visit.

Mile 16 - Submerged!

Trail Creek - Submerged!

Early May though June is tick season. Make sure you and your canine compadre are ready to deal with those nasty little buggers.

Forest Road Closures
The majority of forest service roads do not officially open until mid-May. Even then, depending on elevation, some roads may not open up until early August.

Last summer was Idaho's worst in regard to wildfires. In fact, the condition of a few hot springs is still unknown as many were in fire zones last season. The keeps pretty good tabs on the latest wildfire threats in Idaho and Oregon, and the Interagency Fire Center is the place to go for all of your wildfire info. Last summer, each fire was given a blog.

Hot Springs Resources
Idaho Hot Springs Map and GPS Coordinate Listing
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Listing of Hot Springs in Idaho

Best wishes and happy soaking!


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